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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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Krombachtalsperre | Rehe

The nature reserve Krombachtalsperre, very close to Rehe is a paradise for bathers, water sportsmen, camping friends and hikers alike. The largest body of water in the Hohen Westerwald area covers an area of ​​93 hectares and covers around 4.25 million cubic meters of water. On the shore are sandy beaches and sunny meadows.

Swimming, surfing, sailing, pedal boating - the range of possibilities is almost unlimited, so that even families with children, in which all their different interests have, can bring all the proverbial a hat. And if the kids do not feel like a dip in the cool water, they will be happy to visit the beautiful children's playground.

A part of the area Krombachtalsperre is designated as a bird protection area and offers many rare swamp and water birds an ideal breeding area. In addition, numerous migratory birds use the Krombachtalsperre as a welcome resting place.

The Krombachtalsperre is surrounded by dense foliage and coniferous forests, where walkers and hikers love to enjoy the silence and untouched nature.

On the weekend return transport from Herborn to the Krombachtalsperre with buses of the "blue line" incl. Bicycle trailer.

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Krombachtalsperre (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")
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