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Siegerland-Flughafen | Liebenscheid

Welcome to Germany's second highest traffic airport!

The central location in the Dreiländer-Eck North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse makes the Siegerland airport, opened in 1967, an attractive location for aviation and business.


Are you interested in the facilities and procedures at an airport and would like to "look behind the scenes"?

Would you like to see the beautiful landscape of our region from above?

There is something for everyone!

Thanks to the close cooperation with the aviation companies located here, the Siegerland Airport offers a wide range of possibilities - ranging from guided tours and round trips to a visit to the flying school with a taster flight.

Come and experience the Siegerland Airport from its unique perspective!


Over the years, the Siegerland Airport has adapted itself to the constantly growing requirements of a modern and attractive airport and has been expanded regularly. For example, the airport is used for the business segments, among others. Business travel and freight transport, training and traffic as well as general aviation, and has created the technical and organizational prerequisites for the slogan "Starting in front of the doorstep" to gain a whole new quality.


Short distances, good traffic connections, customer friendliness, flexibility, free parking, as well as short check-in times are just some of the advantages that Siegerland Airport has to offer its customers.


Our fully-usable 1.620 m long runway, which is equipped with a robbery (anti-skid), makes it possible for operators of larger aircraft to use the Siegerland airport economically. The existing Land System of Instruments (ILS) completes the advantages of the Siegerland airport and ensures a safe arrival and departure even in poor visibility conditions!


Several aviation companies and flight schools have settled at the airport. For further settlements of aviation-related business, fully developed settlement areas with runway connections are available.

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Siegerland Flughafen

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Siegerland-Flughafen  (Foto: Siegerland FLughafen, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Siegerland-Flughafen 1 (Foto: Siegerland FLughafen, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald") Siegerland-Flughafen 2 (Foto: Siegerland Flughafen, Quelle: Tourist-Information "Hoher Westerwald")
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