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Tonhaus Huppertz | Hilgert

The tonhaus is a modern ceramic workshop.

Characteristic of our work is the great joy in the versatility of the ceramic material.

We work in 3 main areas: Rakukeramik, stoneware, and porcelain and our main focus is on the interplay of traditional and modern functionalities, surface designs or manufacturing techniques.

We love the tension between the traditional and the modern, the combination of different techniques and materials. In doing so, we like to cross familiar boundaries and question the seemingly irrevocable. Surface textures, structures and haptic experience fields are important elements of the overall design concept.

Our works are expressly made for use and functionally well thought out. They should withstand daily use and awaken the user's love for everyday objects.

Modern requirements such as dishwasher resistance, mechanical strength, good grip and simple operation are just as important to us as colourful elements underlining the form, or haptic structures and surprising gripping possibilities.

You can reach us at:

Tonhaus Huppertz
In den Erlen 2
56206 Hilgert

Phone(0049) 02624 180 94 80


Tonhaus Huppertz (Foto: Tonhaus Huppertz, Quelle: Kannenbäckerland-Touristik-Service)
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