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Wiedtalbad - Freibad, Hallenbad, Sauna | Hausen/Wied

In the Wiedtal bathing area with a large sauna area, you will find a 25 x 10 m large sports pool (with a pleasant 29 ° water temperature), an experience pool with flow channel, wide slide, waterfall and water cannon, a children's pool with slide elephant and many water toys whirlpool. The outdoor pool, located in the heart of the romantic Wiedtal valley, offers visitors a spacious Liegewiese, two heated outdoor pools, a paddling pool with a lot of play possibilities, a jumping area, playground and many sports facilities like beach volleyball, table tennis and much more.

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Hönninger Str. 1
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Wiedtalbad (Foto: Wiedtalbad Hausen, Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)
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