The coronavirus situation in Rhineland Palatinate

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in ongoing restrictions on public life and tourist facilities in Rhineland Palatinate. In compliance with specific prevention and hygiene guidelines, restrictions on travel for tourism purposes will be gradually eased in Rhineland Palatinate.

The following measures are a prerequisite for opening:

  • Sanitisers must be made available
  • Face coverings must be worn
  • Access must be controlled (admission control)
  • Crowding must be prevented (in front of and within the facilities)
  • Social distancing of at least 1.5 metres must be maintained
  • The maximum number of visitors must be restricted


Please note

Before you visit a facility or establishment in Rhineland Palatinate, please inform yourself about the current opening hours and applicable conditions for your visit. In addition, to further contain the spread of the coronavirus, the general social distancing rule of 1.5 metres applies. Gatherings in public spaces are still prohibited.

Facilities and establishments

The following establishments are already open:

Establishments in the hospitality sector:

  • Campsites (both portable accommodation without sanitary facilities and tents may also be used again)
  • Hotels, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels

Catering establishments (indoor and outdoor)

Indoor recreational facilities:

  • Museums (an overview of the current opening hours and regulations of museums in Rhineland Palatinate is available here)
  • Exhibitions
  • Galleries
  • Beauty and personal care service providers (including hairdressers, chiropodists, beauty salons, nail studios, massage parlours, tattoo studios and solariums)
  • Cultural institutions of the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage of Rhineland Palatinate
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres, concert halls, operas and cabaret theatres
  • Casinos and amusement arcades
  • Indoor pools, saunas and health spas

Outdoor recreational facilities:

  • Open-air swimming pools
  • Day boat trips
  • Architectural and cultural monuments
  • Memorials
  • Zoos
  • Wildlife parks
  • Botanic gardens
  • Amusement parks

Please note that individual tourist attractions may reach their capacity limits and further restrictions may be expected on short notice.

Events and transport


Religious services as well as religious and non-confessional gatherings are permitted subject to specific conditions.

Additionally, outdoor events of no more than 500 people are permitted subject to specific conditions. Indoor events of no more than 250 people may be held to specific conditions.

Up to 10 people from any number of households may get together at any time and, provided they are from no more than two households, also more than 10 people.

Public and commuter rail transport

People must wear face coverings at all times when using public transport.

Bus and boat trips

Bus and boat trips are again permitted, under the same conditions as public transport: social distancing rules apply and, if this is not possible, masks must be worn.

Travellers from other countries

Individual border crossings to neighbouring EU countries have been opened in order to gradually enable tourist travel for recreational purposes.

Please contact the relevant authorities in your home country to inform yourself about the applicable exit regulations to neighbouring countries in good time for your trip to Rhineland Palatinate.

Travelers from risk areas (domestic and foreign)

For travellers from risk areas (domestic and foreign), a 14-day quarantine obligation will apply from 26.06.2020. Responsibility for compliance with the quarantine obligation lies with the travellers from the respective risk area.

Please inform yourself about the current risk assessment of your home region in good time before you travel to Rhineland-Palatinate. This assessment should urgently be taken into account when deciding on the start of your journey.

The leaflet for travellers from abroad published by the Federal Ministry of Health provides additional information: To the leaflet

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Wegelnburg im Pfälzerwald bei Sonnenuntergang, Pfalz

Blick von der Wegelnburg auf den Pfälzerwald bei Sonnenuntergang, Pfalz

Further information

More detailed information can be obtained from the relevant authorities in Rhineland Palatinate, including the State Chancellery of Rhineland Palatinate and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture.

Links relevant to businesses, such as those related to financial aid, have been clearly collated on the Tourismusnetzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland Palatinate Tourism Network) website.

(Version 15.09.2020)


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