Schloss Hachenburg

Hachenburg · Westerwald

Hachenburg Castle

The city‘s castle is located at Hachenburg‘s highest point. The unique location of the castle hill
gives you a wide view over the hills of the Westerwald and of Siegerland all the into the Siebengebirge
region. This fact, as well as this spot‘s close proximity to the important Cologne-Leipzig and
Cologne-Frankfurt trade routes, led Count Henry III of Sayn to build a castle with a chapel here
in the year 1200.
The castle receive the name of the hill upon which it was built – „Hagenberg.“ „Hagen“ means
something like „thicket“ or „hedge.“ The castle walls erected at the time were to witness
the busy activity of the city to the or more than four centuries. The last lord of the castle was
Count Salentin Ernst von Manderscheid-Blankenberg who, through his marriage in the year 1651
to Countess Ernestine von Sayn-Hachenburg, was granted the castle and lordship of the county
named in his bride‘s title.
It is thanks to him that after the devastating city fire on 13 October 1654, the city was rebuilt in
its present-day form. After the death of Count Salentin, his uncle, Georg Friedrich, Lord of Kirchberg Castle
ordered architect Julius Ludwig Rothweil to build a baroque palace, using the rubble of the castle for
some of the necessary materials. The initials of the Castle Lord can still be seen on the wrought
iron door of the gateway. The extensive Baroque palace changed owner several times during the 20th Century: it served,
amongst many functions, as the District Court, as an apartment building and as the Local History
Museum. It was also used as a hotel for a period.
It has housed the University of the German Bundesbank since 1974.

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Schloss Hachenburg

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