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Alte Apotheke | Otterberg

This Walloon half-timbered house was erected in 1608 by the tanner David Gille Anthoine.

Purchased by the Pharmacist Leonard Euler in 1836, it remained a Pharmacy until as recently as 1966.

On the first floor there is a raised plasterwork ceiling from the 19th Century.

During renovation of the ground floor the original decorative colouring of the time was revealed.

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information Otterbach-Otterberg
Hauptstr. 54
67697 Otterberg

Phone(0049)6301 607 800


Ferckel u. Apoklein. (Foto: Tourist-Info Otterbach-Otterberg, Quelle: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Landkreis Kusel)
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