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Ausstellung "Römer in Boppard" | Boppard

Exhibition Romans in Boppard


New exhibition "Kastell Boppard - part of the Roman line of defense on the Rhine"


On January 19, 2020, the Roman exhibition of the Museum Boppard was opened in the newly designed area in the castle wall, Karmeliter-Strasse.


The Boppard fort was one of the central, nationally important components of the Roman defense line along the Rhine against hostile attacks from Germania in the 4th century AD. The importance of the fort at that time can still be seen in the massive, well-preserved walls of the fortifications. Their outstanding state of preservation is a unique selling point for today's city compared to other fort locations on both the Middle and Lower and Upper Rhine.

You can reach us at:

Römer Ausstellung
56154 Boppard


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