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Autobahnkirche "Alte Wehrkirche" | Waldlaubersheim

Between Hunsrück and Hessian hill country the ev highway church offers to home Waldlaubersheim travellers the opportunity to find off the big flow of traffic for a few minutes of contemplative rest. Jung in years as a highway church, the sacred construction can look back meanwhile at a long history as a village church. Till 12-th century reaches the construction-historical biography. The 3-storey tower still comes from this time, the striking Gothic polygonal spire is, admittedly, of younger date (the second half of the 15-th century).

You can reach us at:

Autobahnkirche "Alte Wehrkirche"
Binger Straße
55444 Waldlaubersheim

Phone06724 504


Autobahnkirche (Foto: Tourist-Info Stromberg, Quelle: Touristinformation Ferienregion Langenlonsheim)
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