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Burgruine Dalburg | Dalberg

Dalburg Castle

The impressive castle is situated on a spur in the Graefenbach valley near the small village of Dalberg. The walls of the outer ward with their three former gates and the large ruins of the main castle still exist to the present day. After entering the castle yard, visitors come to the lower part of the castle. There are several buildings in ruins with two massive round towers on each side. Although some of the buildings are dilapidated, there are still some ruins left. Visitors can go upstairs to the upper castle. At this place you can see the remains of the palas and the keep just opposite of them. Visitors, however, cannot detect the entry to the keep clearly proving that the building once used to be surrounded by a tall ring wall which still exists in large parts. In the west of the castle you can see two supporting pillars of an aqueduct once supplying the castle with fresh water. In 1150 Godebold von Weyerbach built the castle enfeoffing it to the diocese of Speyer. From that time on the Weyerbach line called “von Dailberch”. In the 14th century the Dalberg line died out with the death of Anton von Dalberg. About 1400 the Kaemmerer von Worms became the only proprietor of Dalberg adding “genannt von Dalberg” (called von Dalberg) to his name. The descendants of the Kaemmerer von Worms genannt von Dalberg still possess the old castle ruin. The present owner is Prince Michael of Salm-Salm and Dalberg. In the 19th century the castle was used as a quarry and went to ruin.

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Ruine Dalburg (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)
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