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Crucena Gesundheitszentrum - Kur und Physiotherapie | Bad Kreuznach

Crucenia Health Centre is a professional partner for outpatient spa treatments, rehabilitation and prevention. The health centre is housed in a spacious, modern building in the town centre and is linked to the Crucenia Thermen baths.


An established and experienced team of physiotherapists, qualified medicinal bath practitioners and masseurs provide top-quality service using state-of-the art treatment methods and therapy equipment. Use of local salt water and radon is combined with the latest forms of treatment. The therapies offered include:


baths (medicinal spring, carbon dioxide baths, tub, contrast baths)

bath salts/essences (spruce needle, bubble, carbon dioxide, salt water)

mud packs

fango packs

massages (partial and full body massages, lymph drainage, compression bandaging, foot reflex zone massage, colon/segment/periosteal massage, underwater massage, connective tissue massage)

respiratory gymnastics

physiotherapy (PNF, manual therapy, sling table, physiotherapy with equipment)

manual therapy

treatment and exercises in an exercise pool


inhalation (with medicinal spring water or inhalation essences as per prescription list)

radon inhalation in the radon tunnel


You can reach us at:

Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH
Kurhausstr. 22-24
55543 Bad Kreuzbach

Phone(0049) 83600150

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