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Deutscher Michel | Stromberg

Hans-Michael Elias von Obentraut was born to 1574, as a son of the imperial council Johann Barthel of Obentraut who resided as a Palatine administrator more than 400 years ago in the stream castle (early castle Fusten) above stream mountain patriachalisch. Originally the parents lived at the Rhine-Hessian Oppenheim and Großwinternheim, before the father was used by elector Friedrich of the Palatinate, in the Hunsrück small town.

Hans-Michael Elias von Obentraut's military actions and acts of daring introduced in him with the enemy, in allusion on his given name, the appreciative call of the dreaded „ German Michel “. By a ball from the imperial army, grieved in the heroic breast, Hans-Michael von Obentraut passed away on 25.10.1625 on the battlefield of Seelze near Hannover.

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