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"Elisenhäuschen" in den Weinbergen | Mülheim an der Mosel

Elisenberg vineyard hut is located south-east of Mülheim town centre directly on country road 158. It is a one-and-a-half-storey hip roofed building in a small walled yard. 1823 is the year of construction noted at the entrance. It is a massive rendered building in a complex neo-classical form. Completely and unalteredly preserved.

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information Mülheim
Hauptstr. 60
54486 Mülheim an der Mosel

Phone0049 6534 9487 34

hours of operation

Opening hours on request:

You'll find information about wine tastings at "Elisenhäuschen" at the winery Bauer in Mülheim:


Elisenhäuschen (Foto: Arnoldi, Quelle: Wein- & Ferienregion Bernkastel-Kues GmbH)
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