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Fossilienmuseum | Bundenbach

Before about 400 million years, in the geological era of unterdevon, there was our area in the south edge of a continent. The mainland was still hardly settled by plants and demolition was put out unprotected. Immense amounts(crowds) from coarse(rough) sand were piled up before the coasts, the finer material(evidence) sank in some distance(removal) than sludge. The continental edge slowly fell, so that originate in annual millions layers(shifts) of several 1000 m. The Hunsrück slate originated from fine tonnes(barrels) with fine sand situations. The seabed was made up of hollows around height back. Still in the older(elder) Unterdevon had been here the mainland which was flooded in the future by the sea.


A varied animal world inhabited the seabed. Sea lilies formed(established) whole lawns. Dazwi-schen went in search of food numerous animals, mussels, snails, Armkiemer and star animals in the different-best-behaved forms. The living beings were preserved and today are found in the slate as well-preserved fossils(fuddy-duddies). However, much more often rests(leftovers) are in all stadia(stages) of the decay who were not covered(concealed) so quickly and thoroughly.

You can reach us at:

Besucherbergwerk Herrenberg
Besucherbergwerk Herrenberg
55626 Bundenbach

Phone(0049) 06544 95 20

hours of operation

01st of April - 30th of October daily from clock on 10.00 - 17.00


Fossilienmuseum (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)
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