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Friedensmuseum "Brücke von Remagen" | Remagen

The "Friedens Museum" (Peace Museum) was established in 1980 in the towers of the "Bridge at Remagen", built from 1916-1918. The bridge gained fame as American troops were able to cross the last remaining bridge on the Rhine in 1945. The histories of the Ludendorffbrücke (as it was called) and the Prisoner-of-War camp in Remagen are on show in the museum. The bridge collapsed 1945 killing 28 U.S.-Soldiers.

You can reach us at:

Friedensmuseum "Brücke von Remagen"
Alter Fuhrweg 39
53424 Remagen

Phone(0049) 2642 21863


Friedensmuseum (Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen) Skulptur an der Brücke (Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen) Brücke im Winter (Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen) Brückenlager (Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen)
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