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Fürstenwärther Hof Meisenheim | Meisenheim

The Court “Fürstenwärther”

From 1711-1853 the Lehenshof “Fürstenwärther” belonged to the Lords of Fürstenwärther, who are the descendants of the Duke Friedrich Ludwig of Palatine-Zweibrücken and his wife Maria Hepp, the bellringer`s daughter. In 1711 the two were promoted to the stand of barons.

You can see the coat of arms above the balcony door: on the left side it is “von Fürstenwärther” (a women with trinity flower on the tower), on the right side it is “von Kellenbach” (a lion).

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Obergasse 8
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Füßrstenwärther Hof (Foto: Tourist-Info Meisenheim, Quelle: Kur- und Touristinfo Bad Sobernheim)
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