Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz


Gärtnerei Stiftung Bethesda St. Martin | Boppard

Nursery and garden service


The green area offers vegetables, bedding and balcony plants, summer cut flowers, vegetables and bouquets according to the season. Our flower and arrangement binder manufactures bouquets and arrangements for special occasions. Garden design and service work on the garden can be taken over.


Business activities:

- basic and permanent care

- Mowing

- weeding weeds

- Cut hedges and woods

- shrub cut

- clearing work

- New crops

- Exclusive herbs from our own herb garden

- Cut flowers from the old cottage garden

- Variety of local vegetables

- Apple plant with old varieties

- Floristics and decoration according to season

- Landscape management and landscaping

- weekly market (Fridays)


The garden complex of the Rheinwerkstatt embeds itself picturesquely in the Rhine Valley. Through years of care and sustainable expansion, it presents itself in many ways. Four partnership gardens - referring to the twin cities of the city of Boppard - show English, French, Hungarian and Japanese design styles and invite you to linger.


Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 to 16:00

Friday: 8.00-15.00

You can reach us at:

Stiftung Bethesda Kloster St. Martin Boppard
Mainzerstr. 8
56154 Boppard

Phone(0049) 06742/8747355

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