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Gasthaus "XXL - Drehscheibe" | Alsbach

Our team will do their best to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. We are the classic meeting place for young and old. In a rustic and comfortable atmosphere we offer you the probably biggest schnitzel in the Westerwald in more than 40 variations.



Ideal for parties & celebrations up to approx. 70 persons.


Suitable for wheelchair users.


Motorcyclists welcome.

And also the dog owners may bring their four-legged friends!

You can reach us at:

Gasthaus "XXL - Drehscheibe"
Ladestraße 3 (gegenüber Bahnhof Grenzau)
56237 Alsbach

Phone(0049) 02624 8247


Drehscheibe (Foto: Gasthaus Drehscheibe, Quelle: Kannenbäckerland-Touristik-Service)
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