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Inspektorenhaus Meisenheim | Meisenheim

The House of Inspector

… is located in 19 Obergasse Street and it was built in the 16th century. It is a half-timbered house exposed to view, the gable end is positioned in direction of the street.

Later the building was in ownership of the high rank government. As of 1727, it had been used for pastoral purposes by the Lutheran community. Among other persons, the priest, Johann Nikolaus Götz, who was known as the “nightingale of Winterburg”, lived in this house, as well; it was the place where he wrote several of his poems.

You can reach us at:

Ferienregion Nahe-Glan | Büro Meisenheim
Untergasse 16
55590 Meisenheim

Phone(0049) 6753 1173

Inspektorenhaus (Quelle: Kur- und Touristinfo Bad Sobernheim)
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