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Japanese Garden | Kaiserslautern

A piece of the far east in the south order to discover the beauty and the meditative effects of a Japanese garden, you don't have to travel to Japan - or to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. In the year 2000, the Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern opened its gates for everyone who wants to draw energy and peace from the artistically designed harmony of light and shadows, plants and stones, water and paths...Open yearly from April to October.



Japanischer Garten Kaiserslautern e.V.

Am Abendsberg 1

67657 Kaiserslautern


Telefon: 0631 / 37066-00

Fax: 0631 / 37066-11


You can reach us at:

Japanischer Garten e. V.
Am Abendsberg 1
67657 Kaiserslautern

Phone(0049) 631 3706600


Wasserfall (Quelle: Tourist-Information Kaiserslautern) Japanischer Garten (Foto: Stadt Kaiserslautern, Quelle: Tourist-Information Kaiserslautern)
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