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Mittelalterpfad | Herrstein

Dream Loop “Middle Ages Trail”

Medieval Herrstein with its picturesque half-timbered houses is the starting point for this eventful trail, one with interesting references to the Middle Ages in the region. The Middle Ages Trail offers everything a top trail comprises: almost natural paths, splendid vistas, diverse forests and special features such as the natural monument “Misery Oak” or the “Raven’s Pulpit”. The hike is ideal for adding a sightseeing tour of historical Herrstein. The trail was assessed with 84 adventure points by the German Hiking Institute.

(Length: 5.3 miles / 8.6 km)

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand
Brühlstraße 16
55756 Herrstein

Phone(0049) 6785-79104


Eingangsportal Mittelalterpfad (Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand) Historischer Ortskern Herrstein (Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand) Aussichtshügel (Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)
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