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Schloss Ernich | Remagen

The planning and construction of the three-winged Enrich Castle was carried out between 1906 and 1908 and was in the hands of one of most important architects of German historicism: the industrial magnate Arnold von Guillaume had commissioned Ernst von Ihne, Kaiser Friedrich Wilhem III’s architect to the imperial court, to build his new family home in Remagen. In addition to a landscape park, additional living and commercial buildings are part of the complex. Further adjacent buildings were added in 1949 as the castle was used first of all as the seat of the High Commissioner of the French occupation forces after the Second World War and then, from 1955, as the Embassy of the French Republic. Today, the estate is privately owned by a film producer, who bought it from France in 2006 after the country moved its embassy to Berlin.

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Schloss Ernich (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Remagen)
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