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Sport- und Freizeitanlage | Nauort

The sports and leisure facility in Nauort offers a variety of ways to spend your leisure time.

There are for example:

-artificial turf pitch

-circular track for inline skating

-Basketball court

-Beach Volley Ball Square

-Streetball Field

-small playing field

-football field

-skate park


Local community Nauort, Schulstraße 1, 56237 Nauort, Tel.: (0049) 2601 2209

You can reach us at:

Ortsgemeinde Nauort
Schulstraße 1
56237 Nauort

Phone(0049) 2601 2209


Sportplatz Nauort (Foto: Nauort, Quelle: Kannenbäckerland-Touristik-Service) Skate-Anlange (Quelle: Kannenbäckerland-Touristik-Service)
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