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William Turner - Standort 10 | St. Goar

St. Goar, at the marina, looking towards the Rhine Valley and Burg Rheinfels, Werlau/Gründelbach ValleyJust

outside the town of St. Goar this view of the Rhine Valley opens up,

with St. Goarshausen and Burg Katz in the background. Turner, however,

chooses not to use the view of Burg Rheinfels as seen from this

position. He combines it with a second perspective, which is revealed at

the Gründelbach Valley in the direction of Werlau. He makes the valley

narrower and extends the Rhine hillsides upwards. In the foreground

Turner adds a few ruins to complete the picture. Burg Rheinfels is a

recurring motif in Turner’s tours and sketches of the Rhine. Today Burg

Rheinfels accommodates a hotel and restaurant. The ruins are open to the


You can reach us at:

William Turner
Nähe Am Hafen 14
56329 St. Goar


Blick in das Rheintal und auf Burg Rheinfels (Foto: Yale Center for British Arts, Paul Mellon Collecti, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar) Skizze00 (Foto: Tate; CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar) Skizze01 (Foto:  Tate; CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)
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