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William Turner - Standort 11 | St. Goar

Rheinfels Castle, View over St. GoarOn

the morning of Sunday 24th August 1817 Turner takes a look around St.

Goar. From the hill of Burg Rheinfels he sketches the town below. Burg

Katz can be discerned on the opposite bank of the Rhine. Other

watercolour sketches preceded the completion of this work. As he

demonstrates in many of his works, Turner explores the effects of light

in great depth (here in the form of sunlight). Commenting on this

watercolour, the art critic John Ruskin notes that what Turner is aiming

for here »is the almost instantaneous record of an effect of colour or

atmosphere«. Decades later these effects would become the hallmarks of


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Burg Rheinfels, Blick über St.Goar (Foto: Privatsammlung, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar) Skizze (Foto: Tate; CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0, Quelle: Tourist-Information St. Goar)
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