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About us

Rhineland-Palatinate Tourist Board

Rhineland-Palatinate Tourist Board (Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH or RPT) is the marketing organisation for the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. RPT uses a theme-based marketing strategy. Four thematic areas have been defined as our core competence based on our market research and on Rhineland-Palatinate's existing tourism potential.

Rhineland-Palatinate's marketing themes are Discover nature, Culture and events, Wonderful wine and Well-being. These themes are expanded into product lines:

Hiking: Rhineland-Palatinate disposes of numerous and outstanding long-distance walking trails.

Cycling: Rhineland-Palatinate is also an excellent cycling region with a wide variety of well-signposted routes.

Wonderful wine - 70% of German wines are produced in Rhineland-Palatinate's six winegrowing areas. Wine is the lifeblood of Rhineland-Palatinate and its tourism industry

Our product lines are designed around the unique selling propositions that distinguish us from our competitors. 

RPT uses the classical three-pronged approach - marketing, sales and press relations - to promote its product lines. This is reflected in its organisational structure. 

RPT works closely with its stakeholders, the tourism regions, the Rhineland-Palatinate hotel and restaurant association and the chambers of industry and commerce. 

RPT is committed to extending quality management through its clearly defined mission and business goals.


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