Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Tourist office
    Tourist office: Assistance in planning tours
  • Bett + Bike accommodation
    Bett + Bike cycling-friendly accommodation
  • ServiceQualität Deutschland (quality scheme) certification as a QualitätsCoach (Quality Coach)
    ServiceQualität Deutschland (quality scheme) certification as a QualitätsCoach (Quality Coach)

Seals of quality in Rhineland-Palatinate

ServiceQualität Deutschland (quality scheme)

ServiceQualität Deutschland

Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the 16 federal states behind the ServiceQualität Deutschland (service quality scheme in Germany) initiative. The eponymous quality management is particularly suited to small to medium-sized enterprises in the services sector, helping them further develop and improve their service. The standardised system consists of three successive tiers. Companies can earn Tier I, II or III certification, which is valid for three years and can be subsequently renewed.

Companies with ServiceQualität Deutschland certification are committed to providing exceptional customer or guest service. Friendliness upon arrival at the hotel, helpfulness in planning trips and providing expert advice when selecting an appropriate drink are but a few examples of the qualities that contribute to ServiceQualität. In addition, some of the quality-management objectives, such as improving the company’s internal processes and employee motivation, are not immediately apparent to the guest: it is only their ‘effects’ or outcomes that are ultimately perceptible.

In addition to the certification process for companies, certification as a ‘QualitätsStadt’ (Quality City) is also available for entire cities that assimilate the concept of ServiceQualität Deutschland.


Bett+Bike accommodation

Accommodations providing cycle-friendly facilities and services.

Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland

Wanderbares Deutschland accommodation

Accommodations providing hiker-friendly facilities and services. Hiking trails and host accommodation carry the German Hiking Institute or German Hiking Association seal of approval offering top quality.