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  • Castles & palaces in Romantic Germany
    Castles & palaces in Romantic Germany
  • Hambacher Schloss palace
    Hambacher Schloss palace
  • Trifels castle near Annweiler am Trifels
    Trifels castle near Annweiler am Trifels
  • Burg Thurant on the Moselle valley
    Burg Thurant in the Moselle valley
  • Marksburg castle near Braubach on the Rhine
    Marksburg castle
  • Burg Katz in the romantic Rhine valley
    Burg Katz in the romantic Rhine valley
  • Burg Katz on the river Moselle
    Burg Katz on the river Moselle

Castles and palaces in Romantic Germany

The regions around Rhine and Moselle have more than 500 castles, castle ruins, palaces and fortresses: Fairytale castles and as well fortified hideouts for infamous robber-barons set on steep crags in the river valleys. As the region played an important role in German and European history in the Middle Ages today retains a vibrant feel of mediaeval times. Tournaments and castle fairs recreate the atmosphere of bygone days. Music and drama are performed in opulent baroque surroundings and magnificent courtly settings.

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Burgenmassiv Altdahn Dahner Felsenland - 1 (Quelle: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland)

Burgenmassiv Alt-Dahn - Grafendahn - Tanstein | Dahn

Phone +49 6391.993543,,


near Dahn

The oldest parts of the largest...

Niederburg (Foto: Klaus Breitkreutz, Quelle: Tourist-Information Sonnige Untermosel)

Burgruine Niederburg | Kobern-Gondorf

From the Lower castle is a wonderful view of the village rooftops and the low-lying Moselle Valley.

Accessible at any time

Wilhelmsturm  (Quelle: Westerwald Touristik-Service)

Wilhelm Tower Dillenburg | Dillenburg

Dillenburg Castle was built in 1130 and destroyed in the Seven Years' War in 1760. Wilhelm I was born here in 1533. In his honour the...

Burghalder (Foto: Sonja Spieß, Quelle: Tourist-Info-Zentrum Pfälzerwald)

Burghalder refuge keep | Hauenstein

near Hauenstein

In the 9th century the castle served a Carolingian settlement as refuge.

Schloss Neuwied Eingang (Foto: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH, Quelle: Tourist-Information Neuwied)

Schloss Neuwied | Neuwied

That the Rhine represents a thoroughly lucrative income source as an important traffic route and a major economic axis was also clear to Count...

Manderscheider Burgen (Foto: Dominik Ketz, Quelle: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH)

Castles of Manderscheid | Manderscheid

Both castles have been renovated and form the impressive scenery for the castle festival with knights' festivals, taking place every year on the...

Burg Liebenstein (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Loreley-Touristik e.V.)

Burg Liebenstein | Kamp-Bornhofen

Together with the neighbouring castle, Liebenstein is one of the most famous of the Rhine castles, not least because of the legend of the “Feuding...

Burg Sooneck (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)

Burg Sooneck | Niederheimbach

Sonneck Castle in Niederheimbach, which was built before 1271, has gone down in legend as a notorious robber barons’ nest and represents the only...

Die Ebernburg (Quelle: Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH)

Die Ebernburg | Bad Kreuznach

High above the village Ebernburg with its winding alleys lies the fortress of the same name. Ebernburg Castle played an important role in the...

Schloss Alzey (Foto: Stadtverwaltung Alzey, Quelle: Tourist Information Alzeyer Land)

Alzey Castle | Alzey

The building complex, constructed in the 13th century, was the nucleus of the Rhenish Palsgraviate and secondary residence and headquarters of ...

Burgruine Drachenfels Dahner Felsenland - 1 (Quelle: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland)

Burgruine Drachenfels | Busenberg

Near Busenberg.

The castle of the lords of Drachenfels (1209-1344) sitting on top of two steep and narrow sandstone rocks was destroyed in...

Aussichtsplattform Neukastel (Foto: Nicola Hoffelder, SÜW Landau-Land e.V., Quelle: Büro für Tourismus landauland)

castle ruin Neukastel | Leinsweiler

The imperial castle Neukastel was built in the 12th century for the protection of the castle Trifels. Even though Neukastel was completely...

Schloss Marienburg (Foto: WERBEAGENTUR KNOPF, Quelle: Tourist-Info Bad Hönningen)

Schloss Marienburg | Leutesdorf

This late Baroque manor house emerged from a castle originally from the Middle Ages and stamps the city silhouette of Leutesdorf until now.

Gerolstein mit Bahnhof (Foto: Martin Müller, Quelle: Ferienregion Gerolsteiner Land)

Stadt Gerolstein | Gerolstein

Gerolstein is a small town in the heart of the Eifel!

Reichsburg Trifels (Foto: Archiv Verein SÜW Annweiler e.V., Quelle: Büro für Tourismus Annweiler)

Reichsburg Trifels | Annweiler am Trifels

The Trifels castle was one of the most important castles in the Staufer period in the middle ages. It is situated above the small city Annweiler...

Blick auf Schloss Dhaun (Foto: Verbandsgemeinde Kirn-Land, Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)

Schloss Dhaun | Hochstetten-Dhaun

Castle Dhaun in Hochstetten-Dhaun rests majestically on a rocky mountain spur high above the romantic Kellenbach valley.

Burg_Reichenstein (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)

Reichenstein Castle | Trechtingshausen


large castle is a fine example of a reconstructed castle in the

neo-Gothic style.

Kyrburg 6 (Foto: Naheland-Touristik GmbH / Köhler Nahecopter, Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)

Ruine Kyrburg mit Restaurant und Whiskymuseum | Kirn

The Kyrburg Castle is the widely visible landmark of the city of Kirn. The former garrison house is now home to a restaurant with a whisky museum....

Burg Dattenberg_Bergfried (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Stadt Linz am Rhein)

Burg Dattenberg | Linz am Rhein

Dattenberg Castle, which was probably built in the first half of the 13th century by the family who gave it its name, had already fallen into ruin...

Burgruine Neuerburg (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V., Quelle: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.)

Ruine Neuerburg | Niederbreitbach

The ruin of Neuerburg from the year 1170 is a kind of prototype of a Staufian castle built by Ludwig II of Thuringia. It is now in private...

8949_Burg_Nanstein_Nachtansicht_2017_klein (Foto: VG Landstuhl, Fotograf Hafner, Quelle: Zentrum Pfälzerwald Touristik)

Burg Nanstein, Landstuhl | Landstuhl

Opening hours:

Apr – Sep: 9 am - 6 pm

Oct – Mar: 10 am – 4 pm

Closed in December and on Mondays (except...

Festung Ehrenbreitstein (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Koblenz-Touristik GmbH)

Festung Ehrenbreitstein | Koblenz

With a more than 3000-year-old history, reaching back to the Celts,

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress is already a special feature due to its long...

Burgberg (Quelle: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH)

Dauner Burg | Daun

The castle has been destroyed many times, most recently in the Palatinate War of Succession in 1689 by French troops of Louis XIV, like most Eifel...

Stromburg (Foto: Pinkiwi Bad Kreuznach, Quelle: Touristinformation Ferienregion Langenlonsheim)

| Stromberg

The Stromburg castle was the home and birthplace of the "German Michel", Hans Michael Elias of Obentraut. Since the beginning of the 80s...

Burgruine Hartenfels (Foto: VG Selters, Quelle: Westerwald Touristik-Service)

Castle ruin Hartenfels | Selters

Formerly to protect the historic trade route from Cologne to Frankfurt, an observation tower was built in Hartenfels in the 13th century. Because...