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Schloss Drachenburg | Königswinter

The construction of the railway lines in the middle of the 19th century made quicker and more comfortable travelling possible - on the Rhine too, and the middle class of Bonn and Cologne were happy to take advantage of this. Those especially well-to-do aspired towards representative buildings in the newly developed local recreational area. Just as did Baron Stephan von Sarter: he chose a spectacular location underneath Drachenfels Caste on the elevation with the same name near Königswinter for his palace, Drachenburg, constructed in 1882. This was among the most important settings for the Rhenish world of legends. Already in 1903, Sarter’s nephew opened the Palace to the public and offered visits for 0.50 Deutschmark. The Second World War led to severe destruction of the Palace. It was only a comprehensive restoration programme that enabled the complex to shine in its old glory once again.

The large building adorned with monumental wall paintings draws tourists to this day. The large landscape park is an invitation to stroll and linger.

You can reach us at:

Drachenfelsstr. 118
53639 Königswinter



Schloss Drachenburg (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH) Schloss_Drachenburg (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH)
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