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Mühlenmuseum Saarburg (1) (Foto: Saar-Obermosel-Touristik, Quelle: Saar-Obermosel-Touristik e.V.)

Mill museum in Saarburg | Saarburg

Below the waterfall in Saarburg is the Hackenberger Mill dating from the 13th/14th century. Visitors will receive an interesting insight into the...

Christuskirche Rumbach Dahner Felsenland _ 1 (Quelle: Tourist-Information Dahner Felsenland)

Christuskirche | Rumbach

One of the oldest churches in the Palatinate. The oldest parts of the fortified church probably date from the 11th century. Notable: Beautiful...

Luftaufnahmen Grand-Prix-Strecke (Foto: Robert Kah, Quelle: Tourist-Information Hocheifel-Nürburgring)

Nürburgring | Nürburg

The Nürburgring Green Hell - racing, business, adventure, holiday

Kreuzkapelle an der Wied (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V., Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Kreuzkapelle | Hausen/Wied

Built in 1694 by the then rector, Frederici. Anton Weber from Roßbach and Peter Wirth from Niederbreitbach, as well as Margarete Flesch, the later...

Commende Waldbreitbach (Foto: Viktor Schicker, Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Commende | Waldbreitbach

The commnde in Waldbreitbach, the former house of the Germanherren-Ritterorden, is mentioned for the first time in 1239 and stands above the...

Evangelische Kirche Baumholder (Quelle: Naheland-Touristik GmbH)

Evangelische Kirche | Baumholder

Through the old cemetery located simple Baroque hall church. 1748-50 to the late Gothic tower was built. Founder of the ruler was Duke Christian...

Burg Eltz (Foto: Tourist-Information Treis-Karden, Quelle: Tourist-Information Ferienland Cochem)

Burg Eltz | Moselkern

Eltz Castle


Burg Eltz, the Moselle region's fairytale castle, is situated in the romantic Elzbach valley near Moselkern and...

Schloss_Neuwied_1 (Foto: RRT/ Katharina Schattner, Quelle: Tourist-Information Neuwied)

Schloss Neuwied | Neuwied

That the Rhine represents a thoroughly lucrative income source as an important traffic route and a major economic axis was also clear to Count...

Römisches Erbe an der Mosel (Quelle: Wein- und Ferienregion Bernkastel-Kues GmbH )

Römische Pachtlieferung | Neumagen-Dhron

In a room, indicated by a heavy curtain that is gathered in the middle by a rope, the rent of tenant farmers is collected.

Marienkapelle (Foto: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e. V., Quelle: Touristikverband Wiedtal e.V.)

Marienkapelle Bürder | Niederbreitbach

In addition to the impressive scenery, Bürder has also cherished a very different treasure: a beautiful and precious Madonna. The figure of...

8949_Burg_Nanstein_Nachtansicht_2017_klein (Foto: VG Landstuhl, Fotograf Hafner, Quelle: Zentrum Pfälzerwald Touristik)

Burg Nanstein, Landstuhl | Landstuhl

Opening hours:

Apr – Sep: 9 am - 6 pm

Oct – Mar: 10 am – 4 pm

Closed in December and on Mondays (except...

Burg Dattenberg_Bergfried (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Information Stadt Linz am Rhein)

Burg Dattenberg | Linz am Rhein

Dattenberg Castle, which was probably built in the first half of the 13th century by the family who gave it its name, had already fallen into ruin...

Dronketurm an den Dauner Maaren (Foto: Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH/D. Ketz, Quelle: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH)

Dronketurm | Daun

The platform is an excellent way to enjoy the breathtaking views over the Eifel maars.

Schloss/Burg Oberehe (Quelle: TW Gerolsteiner Land Tourismus und Wirtschaftsförderung GmbH)

Schloss Oberehe | Oberehe

The castle buildings were built between 1696 and 1698 as a fortified country residence of local aristocracy.

Heimat (Foto: Deutsch Luxemburgische tourist Info, Quelle: Ferienregion Trierer Land)

Heimatmuseum Zemmer | Zemmer

The local museum in the center of Zemmer contains interesting objects such as basic commodity and curiosities of different eras. All objects were...

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Romantic Germany This amazing picture shows the monumental Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. In the background you can see Koblenz and "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner), where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet.
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