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  • Moselle Cycle Route near Neef
    Moselle Cycle Route near Neef
  • Moselle Cycle Route near Cochem
    Moselle Cycle Route near Cochem
  • Moselle Cycle Route near Saarburg
    Moselle Cycle Route near Saarburg
  • Moselle Cycle Route near Neef
    Moselle Cycle Route near Neef
  • Moselle Cycle Route near Cochem
    Moselle Cycle Route near Cochem

Cycling on the Moselle Cycle Route

The scenery along the Moselle river is characterised by sunny vineyards, steep hillsides, picturesque wine villages and romantic towns. The Moselle cycle route follows the course of the river, offering not only beautiful panoramas but is also almost climb-free. The international Moselle Cycle Route starts in France reaching Germany in Perl. Near Trier, where the Saar flows into the Moselle, it meets the Saar Cycle Route. Trier is Germany's oldest town and a great place to explore Roman history. The route then follows the course of the Moselle downriver towards Koblenz, through remarkable vineyard scenery with many cultural treasures to explore.

The landscape along the Moselle

The landscape is exhilarating: the Moselle winds its way in magnificent loops, with picture-book villages strung out along its banks. Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach, Cochem and Beilstein provide delightful medieval backdrops, and the castles and ruins towering above the towns and vineyards offer fantastic panoramic views. The excellent wines of the regions are available for tasting from wine growers, in vineyards, wine cellars or at one of the many local wine festivals.

The Moselle Cycle Route on the map

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The Moselle Cycle Route: general information

Track signage

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Short description

Winding along the river, through the heart of nature as well as through villages and towns, the Moselle Cycle Trail leads through 248 kilometres of diverse landscape; rambling and secluded in parts, pretty spectacular in others. 

The Moselle Cycle Route: properties

17:01 h
Elevation profile
247,7 km
Min Height
60 m
447 m
Max height
190 m
535 m

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The Moselle Cycle Route: getting there (only german version avaiable)

Starting point

DestinationKoblenz (German Corner)


The Moselle Cycle Trail is suitable for everyone, including families. Create a cycle tour that’s as easy and as long as you want it to be. 


The route follows the Moselle through predominantly level countryside. It is suitable for children, cycle trailers and tandem bikes, though restrictions apply in some sections. Asphalt is the main surface, with some paved or gravel paths.

Getting there
By train to Perl (the Moselle River Cycle Route starts in the immediate vicinity of the train station).

Departure by train from Koblenz (the train station is approx. 2.5 km from the Moselle Cycle Trail but is well signposted and easily accessible).

Parking is available in Trier and Koblenz for those cycling the entire Moselle River Trail. Travel to the starting point follows via train. Anyone who has parked in Trier then returns there by train from Koblenz when the tour is over.

For further information and advice regarding suitable parking: Mosellandtouristik GmbH, telephone: +0049 (0)6531/97330;


Public transit
Bike & Train

Regular Inter-City and regional train connections on the route Koblenz - Cochem - Bullay (connection to Traben-Trarbach via the Moselle Wine Express) - Wittlich - Trier. Trier Hbf station offers connections to locations in the Upper Moselle area as far as Perl, to Luxembourg and to locations on the right side of the Saar as far as Saarbrücken.

Bikes can be taken on local trains in the Rhineland Palatinate and in the Saarland free of charge, from 9 am Monday to Friday as well as at weekends and on public holidays within the limits of the available capacity. Taking your bike on long-distance trains requires paying a surcharge whereby a space reservation is required. For more information:


Bike & Bus 

So-called RadBusse, special bus lines with bike transport facilities, operate from April to the end of October.

Further information, timetables and reservation options can be found at


Bike & Boat

From mid-April to October, there are numerous passenger boats available on the Moselle each day, which lend themselves to round trips and extending your travel route by bike. Nearly every town has a pier for docking. The local notice boards of the relevant boat companies provide details of departure times. You can also choose from a total of seven ferries to take you and your bike to the other side of the river.

Additional information
Mosellandtouristik GmbH
Kordelweg 1
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Tel. +49 (0)6531/97330 


Suggestions, something you have noticed or deficiencies? Email us at: ( - responsible for infrastructure and route descriptions of the Rhineland-Palatinate section).

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Moselle Cycle Route: cycle-friendly facilities

Moselle Cycle Route: cycle-friendly facilities

Overview: Accommodations providing cycle-friendly facilities & services at the Moselle Cycle Route.

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