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Gourmet restaurants in Romantic Germany

Besides a wonderful glass of wine the flavours and the spirit of good taste are also reflected in the countless delicious specialties served according to traditional recipes as well as modern kitchen art. Try the wine and the complementary food directly from the vintners table and enchant your senses with tastes that have been developed through generations in each and every vineyard.

A fine wine demands a good meal. And in Romantic Germany, there is plenty of both! The choice of restaurants in every region of Rhineland-Palatinate extends to gourmet establishments. There are delicious potato dishes from the Hunsrück and Westerwald regions, freshly caught fish from the Rhine and Moselle, and wild game from the Palatinate and the Eifel. Wine is a welcome accompaniment to the regional specialities and you can try a different variety every time. Riesling and Silvaner varieties go beautifully with trout or fresh asparagus; red wines such as Dornfelder are a perfect accompaniment for roast venison. The warm hospitality that you'll find in hotels and restaurants mirrors the friendliness of the locals. Rhineland-Palatinate's restaurants are being awarded more and more Michelin stars, highlighting the excellent quality of cuisine here in the kitchens of the star chefs themselves but also at the many gourmet events across the whole of the region.

Restaurant tips in Romantic Germany

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boemers hotel (Quelle: Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH)

Hotel Bömer´s Mosellandhotel | Alf

Hotel - Restaurant - Bömer's Mosellandhotel ( German cooking, vegetarian, lactose-free and vegane measls)...

Ai Pero  (Quelle: GmbH)

Ai Pero | Andernach

AI PERO Italian art of cooking.

The three parts of AI PERO form the whole Italian art of cooking ranging from easy traditional meals to...

Brennerei (Quelle: Zeller Land Tourismus GmbH)

Weingut Hausbrennerei "Zum Eulenturm" | Briedel

Winery and home distillery "Zum Eulenturm"


Guidance with next small liqueur tasting from 8 people possible....

Waldhotel Sonnora (Foto: Moseleifel Touristik e.V. , Quelle: Moseleifel Touristik e.V.)

Waldhotel Sonnora | Dreis

Our restaurant "Sonnora" has international status and is one of the top restaurants in Germany with highest ratings in all restaurant...

Florian Feth (Quelle: Touristinformation der Verbandsgemeinde Monsheim)

Weingut Feth-Wehrhof | Flörsheim-Dalsheim

We convince with authentic, characteristic and sort-typical wines from bio-dynamic cultivation. For more than 25 years our products habe been...

Restaurant Robichon (Quelle: Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Landau-Land e.V.)

Restaurant Robichon | Frankweiler

Over 30 years Hannelore and Bruno Robichon pamper you in the "Robinchon" with a mix of French and Palatinate specialities.


Hotel zur Krone (Quelle: Südliche Weinstrasse e. V.)

Hotel zur Krone | Herxheim bei Landau

An homage to Grande Cuisine

The Michelin star shines brightly over Hayna. It has been joined by many other awards for the...

Hubertushof Ilbesheim (Quelle: Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Landau-Land e.V.)

Restaurant Hubertushof | Ilbesheim b. Landau

Welcome to the Hubertushof in Ilbesheim!

Sandra Bernhard and Jochen Sitter welcome you in the listed building of Hubertushof, which was...

Weinstube Zur Blum (Quelle: Südliche Weinstrasse e.V. Büro für Tourismus Landau)

Weinstube Zur Blum | Landau in der Pfalz

A cozy wine tavern with regularly changing menu of the day.

Vogelperspektive (Quelle: Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Landau-Land e.V.)

Hotel- Restaurant Leinsweiler Hof | Leinsweiler

The 4-star Wellness Hotel-Restaurant is situated on top of a vineyard. 61 guestrooms, panoramic restaurant, south-facing terrace, wedding...