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  • Hokkaido squash, lamb & goat’s cheese
    Hokkaido squash, lamb & goat’s cheese

Hokkaido squash, lamb & goat’s cheese

Squash is such a versatile vegetable, which for many people has yet to shed its bad image. For a long time it was looked down on as a poor man’s food but is now beginning to reinvent itself as a delicacy. In this recipe, we whip up a delicious Hokkaido squash purée with lamb chops, beans and warm goat’s cream cheese, accompanied by a Pinot Noir from the Ahr valley, Germany's red wine paradise.

Ingredients for four persons

  •   2-4 Hokkaido squashes (depending on size, ca. 2kg)
  •   1 x carton of cream
  •   1 x red onion
  •   1 bunch savory
  •   2 x packets French beans, frozen
  •   4 x lamb chops
  •   4 x goat’s cream cheese rounds


Hokkaido squash purée:
Half and de-seed the squash. The great thing about the Hokkaido squash is that you can eat the skin, so you don’t need to peel it. The skin also gives the purée its vivid colour. Cut the flesh into large chunks and boil in salted water for about 15 minutes or until soft. Drain and mash the chunks to a nice purée. Add half a carton of cream at this point if you like. Season with salt and pepper.

Goat’s cream cheese:
Remove the goat’s cream cheese from the packet and place on an oven-proof plate or dish. Heat the oven to 220° C. 5-10 minutes before serving, place the cheese in the oven. Make sure it doesn’t melt. It should just be warmed.

French beans:
Roughly chop the onion and sauté in olive oil. Then add the beans and the savory. Add enough water to cover the beans and season with salt and pepper. Allow to cook slowly for about 10 minutes.

Lamb chops:
The lamb chops can be bought ready cut from any good butcher. Season with salt and pepper and fry in olive oil.

Finally, arrange all the ingredients nicely on a plate.