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Altburg-Festival mit Keltenmarkt | Bundenbach

The Altburg Festival offers traditional Celtic music in historic surroundings. The three-day programme attracts many visitors to the Altburg on the third weekend of August. On Friday and Saturday nights, Celtic-Irish music is offered, to which you can also dance.


Preparations for the 31st Altburg Festival are in full swing. 7 bands are booked for 16 to 18 August 2019, a varied programme – from Irish folk to folk rock and folk metal to Irish folk punk, from medieval dance music to the music of Celtic Brittany – there is something for everyone.

 So much has already been revealed, three of the booked bands have finished in the top 10 during the vote for the CD of the year of Celtic Rock Radio. With powerful national and international competition, that's Celtic Music's Premier League.


More information about the 31st Altburg Festival on the website:

You can reach us at:

Heimatverein Bundenbach e.V.
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55626 Bundenbach



Trommler Altburgfestival (Foto: Günter Weinsheimer, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand) Feuerstelle im Keltendorf, verkleinert (Foto: Tourist-Info Rhaunen, Uwe Kiefer, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand) Altburg 3 - Krug (Foto: Ortsgemeinde Bundenbach, Werner Krug, Quelle: Tourist-Information EdelSteinLand)
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