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Außergewöhnliche Fackelwanderung in 5 Gängen | Hausen/Wied

Exceptional 5-course torchlight hike with Martin Seidler and his Christmas stories. We meet at 18 o'clock on the parking lot Hähnen (below the ski hut). We welcome you with a homemade quince liqueur and then hike over the heights of the Rhine and Wied. As a refreshment we spoil you with different delicacies in the nature depending on the weather and slowly approach the hut. A cosy burning oven and other delicacies are waiting for you to round off the evening in a convivial atmosphere. Menu price excluding drinks. Quince liqueur for welcome - torch hike - reading with Martin Seidler - 5-course menu 65.30 € / p. p. (excl. drinks) Advance booking of tickets at the Malberg Hut or by post




You can reach us at:

53547 Hausen- OT Hähnen

phone(0049) 2638-946731


Sa17:00 Uhr
Malberg-Hütte (Foto: Jürgen Hühner, Quelle: Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.)
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