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Mittelrheinischer Weinfrühling von Spay bis Boppard | Spay

Middle Rhine wine spring at Bopparder Hamm

On the last Sunday in April, the Middle Rhine Wine Spring along the Bopparder Hamm is a popular wine hike on the Rhine slopes between Spay and Boppard. Young winegrowers and chefs offer their regional wines and dishes at 16 stations along a 5 kilometre long route along the Rhine Valley between Boppard and Spay. The hike starts at 10:30 a.m. and takes the wine hiker through the Mandelstein, Feuerlay and Ohlenberg vineyards.


The Bopparder Hamm (from Latin hamus - Haken) is the largest loop of the Rhine; the wine spring runs over the steep slopes north of the Rhine and offers picturesque views of the Rhine valley from this sunny southern location.


The Middle Rhine Wine Spring can be reached from the B9. Parking for those arriving by car is available in Boppard above the railway station (Säuerlingsstraße and Remigiusplatz) and in Spay on the village square, as well as directly at the entrances to Bopparder Hamm on the B9 in the Peternachtal (from Boppard) or on the Bopparder Hamm service road (from Spay). A free shuttle bus service from 10:00 to 19:00 between the main train stations of Boppard, Peternach and Spay allows easy travel by public transport.






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You can reach us at:

Förderverein Bopparder Hamm e.V.
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Bopparder Hamm Weingläser (Foto: Tourist Information Erlebnis Rheimnbogen, Quelle: Tourist-Information Sonnige Untermosel)
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