Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Break at the Rheinsteig hiking trail
    Hikers takeing a break at the Rheinsteig hiking trail.
  • utumn walk on the Rheinsteig trail near Bornich
    Enjoy the beautiful autumn colors on the Rheinsteig hiking trail near Bornich.
  • Hiking group near Erpel
    Experience this awesome view on the Rheinsteig trail near Erpel.
  • Couple at the Filsener Ley
    Discover the Filsener Ley on a walking tour on the Rheinsteig hiking trail.
  • Winter walk on the Rheinsteig trail near Braubach
    Enjoy a part of the Romantic Rhine on the Rheinsteig trail near Braubach also at winterly temperatures
  • Signpost of the Rheinsteig hiking trail near Kaub
    Signpost of the Rheinsteig hiking trail near Kaub

Hiking on the Rheinsteig trail

Hiking along the Rheinsteig trail® is remarkable easy due to the great signposting, but you'll still work up a sweat: the steep climbs and varying gradients are both a challenge and a pleasure. Famous for its unique landscapes, picturesque towns, castles and vineyards the Rheinsteig will take your breath away with its stunning views.

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The Rheinsteig trail: general information

Track signage

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The Rheinsteig trail: properties

102:01 h
Elevation profile
312,1 km
Min Height
47 m
9906 m
Max height
365 m
9936 m

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The Rheinsteig trail: stages

The Rheinsteig trail: getting there (only german version avaiable)

Starting point
Wiesbaden, Biebrich Castle

DestinationBonn, market square

The Rheinsteig® trail runs on mostly narrow paths between Wiesbaden, Koblenz and Bonn along the right bank of the Rhine, passing forests, vineyards and spectacular views. Very well signposted and easy to get to, the trail invites you to take an ambitious long-distance hike or to break the trail up into shorter hikes – it is easy to reach by train, boat and car, and close to several airports. It is easy to join or leave the trail on the many marked paths which gives you great flexibility to plan the different stages of your hike.

Getting there
Take the A60 or A63 and change onto the A643. Take the A66 or B42 to Wiesbaden-Biebrich train station. From the station follow the path leading to the Rheinsteig trail through the castle grounds to the castle terrace (30 minutes).

Car park at Wiesbaden-Biebrich train station

Public transit
Bus/train to Wiesbaden-Biebrich train station

Additional information

Rheinsteig: hiker-friendly facilities

Rheinsteig: hiker-friendly facilities

Overview: Accommodations providing hiker-friendly facilities & services at the Rheinsteig.

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