Gastlandschaften Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Hiking tour on the Soonwaldsteig trail near Kreuzbachklamm ravine
    Experience the Soonwaldsteig hiking trail along the Kreuzbachklamm ravine.
  • Hiking on the Soonwaldsteig along the Kallenfels rock
    Discover the Soonwaldsteig trail near Kallenfels rock.
  • Perspective from the Koppenstein viewpoint into the distance
    Hikers look down from the Koppenstein viewpoint into the far distance.
  • Hikers on the Soonwaldsteig trail cross the suspension bridge in the Kreuzbachklamm ravine
    Try out the suspension bridge in the Kreuzbachklamm ravine on the Soonwaldsteig trail.
  • hikers on the Soonwaldsteig trail between rape fields near Bingerbrück
    Blooming rape fields during your trip on the Soonwaldsteig hiking trail near Bingerbrück.

Hiking on the Soonwaldsteig trail

A perfect combination: hiking in harmony with nature – hiking as an end in itself. The Soonwaldsteig trail runs from Bingen in the romantic Rhine valley across densely wooded quartzite hills to Kirn in the idyllic Hahnenbach valley. The richly varied Soonwald forest with its havens of tranquillity provides inspiration and invigoration in equal measure. Take time to discover yourself amid the peace, quiet and solitude that unspoilt nature can offer. Great importance is placed on the overall quality of the experience along the Soonwaldsteig trail with about 85 kilometres. Everything from the varied, scenic route, the exemplary signposting and the proximity to cultural attractions has been designed to meet the high-level requirements of the German Institute of Hiking.

The Soonwaldsteig trail on the map

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The Soonwaldsteig trail: general information

Track signage

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Short description

A hike in tranquillity and solitude – right in the heart of Germany.

The Soonwaldsteig trail: properties

25:10 h
Elevation profile
84,9 km
Min Height
85 m
2650 m
Max height
652 m
2770 m

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The Soonwaldsteig trail: stages

The Soonwaldsteig trail: getting there (only german version avaiable)

Starting point
Kirn, market square

DestinationBingen (Hauptbahnhof)

Alle Details zum Soonwaldsteig finden Sie in den Tourbeschreibungen der sechs Etappen.

Public transit
You can reach the starting point in the market square from Kirn train station in around 10 minutes. In Bingen, the Soonwaldsteig trail begins and ends directly at the central station (take the stairs exit). Timetable information at .

Additional information

Soonwaldsteig: hiker-friendly facilities

Soonwaldsteig: hiker-friendly facilities

Overview: Accommodations providing hiker-friendly facilities & services at the Soonwaldsteig.

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