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  • Hikers on the Hedwigsturm near Bad Marienberg our on the Westerwald-Steig trail
    Hikers descending from the Hedwigsturm near Bad Marienberg.
  • Hikers look into the distance from the Hedwigsturm near Bad Marienberg tour on the Westerwald-Steig trail
    The view from the Hedwigsturm near Bad Marienberg.
  • Hikers enoying the view from the Weissenfelser Leyanderung auf dem Westerwald-Steig
    Hikers on the Westerwald-Steig trail enjoying the view from the Weissenfelser Ley.
  • Autumn walk on the Westerwald-Steig trail along the Holzbachschlucht gorge
    Discover the Holzbachschlucht gorge on an autumn walk on the Westerwald-Steig hiking trail.
  • Hikers on the Westerwald-Steig trail with view towards Weissenfels
    Hikers on the Westerwald-Steig trail viewing the Weissenfels rock.
  • Perspective from the viewpoint Rossbacher Häubchen
    Panorama from the viewpoint Rossbacher Häubchen
  • Hikers at Postweiher lake, Westerwald region
    Hikers at Postweiher lake, Westerwald region

Hiking on the WesterwaldSteig trail

Lush meadows, verdant forests, a gentle breeze: it can only be the Westerwald. And through the heart of this glorious region runs the WesterwaldSteig trail, more than 235 kilometres of natural beauty where every step brings a new delight. The trail runs through eight different natural environments: the Hessian Westerwald, the Upper Westerwald/Lake Wiesensee, the Westerwald lakes, Kroppach Switzerland, the Siegtal valley, the Raiffeisenland region, the Wied valley and the Rhine-Westerwald nature reserve.

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The WesterwaldSteig trail: general information

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Short description

The Westerwald-Steig is a trail with magnificent views. It spans 235 kilometres from Herborn to Rheinbrohl over mountains, romantic gorges and alpine climbing courses, alternating between wide paths for relaxing strolls to narrow paths to test your balance on. There is always something interesting to discover along this trail – a quaint river valley, an imposing abbey, prehistoric excavations and limestone caves or a cosy guesthouse – the variety is endless.

The WesterwaldSteig trail: properties

69:30 h
Elevation profile
239,8 km
Min Height
78 m
4727 m
Max height
651 m
4848 m

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WesterwaldSteig trail: stages

The WesterwaldSteig trail: getting there (only german version available)

Starting point
Herborn, market square

DestinationBad Hönningen

Lush meadows, green forests, fragrant breezes: experience and enjoy all this and more in the Westerwald. The Westerwald-Steig, a hiking trail in a class of its own, leads through the natural jewel of the Westerwald, along 235 interesting kilometres. The trail covers six different natural environments: the Hessian Westerwald, the High Westerwald/Wiesensee, the Altenkirchen Westerwald, the Kroppacher Schweiz, the Rhine-Westerwald nature park/Wied Valley and the Rhine-Westerwald nature park. All six offer pure nature and a wealth of natural, cultural and historical sights. Discover the region's history at the many castles, palaces and monasteries along the trail and explore lots of interesting historical town and village centres. The Westerwald-Steig trail brings you on a hike through lush green nature, with an endless variety of interesting experiences along the way. Hike, enjoy, relax – the Westerwald-Steig offers the possibility for all these things along every stage of the trail. Hiking through the trail's lush, green valleys up to the airy, wooded heights will relax you, both body and soul. The trail offers something for everyone – sport lovers, families, hikers in search of panoramic views or a just pleasant day's walking – on the Westerwald-Steig trail the journey is the destination.

Getting there
Die Anfahrt kann mit Auto, Bus und Bahn erfolgen.

Herborn, Kallenbachstraße

Public transit
Mit Bus und Bahn ist die Anreise nach Herborn Bahnhof sowie nach Bad Hönningen Bahnhof möglich.

Die Routen können Sie einfach und bequem auf individuell zusammenstellen.


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Westerwald-Steig Trail: Airy Heights and Thrilling Gorges
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Westerwald-Steig: hiker-friendly facilities

Westerwald-Steig: hiker-friendly facilities

Overview: Accommodations providing hiker-friendly facilities & services at the Westerwald-Steig.

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Holidays in the Westerwald region: Hiking, nature and much more

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