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Useful information about hiking in romantic Germany

More and more hiking enthusiasts are discovering the regions around Rhine and Moselle for themselves. For a whole host of reasons, such as:

  • the varied and captivating scenery,
  • the wine-growing regions, each with their own unmistakable feel, on the banks of dramatically meandering rivers such as the Ahr, Moselle, Saar, Rhine or Nahe, or in the Palatinate and Rheinhessen,
  • the hospitable people of the Rhineland-Palatinate, who have an infectious zest for life that they celebrate in their own way with their creative winemakers, top-class chefs and hearty regional cuisine,
  • the prestigious cultural attractions such as famous palaces and castles, the spectacular Rhine in Flames festivals and Trier, the oldest town in Germany,
  • myths and legends surrounding the Loreley rock, the castles and the Roman Limes,
  • the wine festivals on the Moselle, the almond blossom festival in the Palatinate.

... and, of course, these outstanding walking trails!

  • They have everything a walker could wish for.
  • The trails are extremely well marked with plenty of additional signposts.
  • The routes are shown in detail on walking maps and in guidebooks and each trail has its own website with even more information.
  • There are so many excellent places along the way where walkers can eat and/or stay overnight.
  • The region is packed with remarkably unspoilt scenery and significant cultural sites.
  • Every section has idyllic views and varied terrain.
  • A perfect combination of exciting hikes and the opportunity to relax.