ABGESAGT! 36. Historisches Burgenfest

from 29.08.2020 - 30.08.2020

Manderscheid · Eifel

Medieval life casts a spell of captivation on people of modern times. The past kew pleasant times, and these are regulary brought to life each year on the last weekend of August in Manderscheid. When the ministrels, travelling entertainers, jugglers or craftspeole show their talents at the Historical Castle Festival at the Niederburg castle, a colourful spectacle, wich resurrencts the pleasant aspects of the middle ages.
The competing knights are the highlight of every Castle Festival. They demontrate their skills with bow and lance, and most notably they joust, knight versus knight.

Great programm for children and families
Children´s knights tournanment Saterday and Sunday; Puppet theatre in the castle cellar; Performances, juggling, an stilt-walking; Stories and fairy tales from long ago

In addition
Medieval camp life, Musicians entertain with song and produce wondrous tones from their ancient instruments, Fireworks set the Niederburg castle alight, Tavern show, Colourful handicraft market, Foot and drink to wich knights were accustomed

Family-friendly entrace fees
-Children up to 8 year: free
-Children and youths (9-17 years): 4,00 Euro
-Adults: 10,00 Euro
- Visitors in medieval apparel: 7,00 Euro

Free Parking and free rides

Tickets online: www.ticket-regional.de/burgenfestmanderscheid

Information: GesundLand Tourist-Information Manderscheid, phone: +49 (0)6572 998 900 5, manderscheid@gesundland-vulkaneifel.de www.burgenverein.de


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