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Bauernmarkt | Speyer

In September 2012, the biggest farmers’ market in Rheinland-Pfalz will take place for the 18th time on the Maximilianstrasse with the cathedral as its backdrop. More than 100 vendors from the anterior and southern Palatinate will present highly nutritious self-grown products from their agricultural and vinicultural operations, demonstrate country arts and crafts, and invite you to taste regional specialties. Every year, thousands of enthusiastic visitors accept this invitation. If you have ever wondered what takes place in the fields, vineyards, barns, cellars and stalls you see around you, this is where you can ask all of your questions and allow yourself to be seduced by the culinary delicacies that are the specialties of this part of Germany. Expert information is available not only from the producers but from professionals who present agricultural lectures sponsored by institutions, associations and clubs. They provide penetrating insights into agricultural conditions in the Palatinate. At harvest time, the market vendors are happy to present their guests with an abundance of harvested food and the products produced from them. And so every year, a visit to the Farmers’ Market truly becomes a visual and sensory feast. If you start to salivate at the thought of fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit juice, nuts, honey, lamb sausage, tasty poultry, oil, vinegar, mustard, bread, noodles, eggs, cheeses, jellies and herbs-and all of that homemade, plan to attend the Farmer’s Market.


Fortify yourself with Grumbeersupp (a local soup) with plum cake, Grumbeere (a local berry) with white cheese, pumpkin pancakes, potato pancakes, stuffed pig stomach, horse sausage, fried game and poultry dishes, farmer’s ham, steamed noodles with wine sauce, flammkuchen (a German/French version of pizza) slices of bread with meat drippings, homemade sausage, small, hand-formed curd cheese, and onion bread. Relax with a small glass of excellent still or sparkling wine from the wine cellars of the Palatinate or a fruity brandy made from the sun-drenched fruit of the Palatinate.


Let your creativity be inspired by these offerings and by the numerous demonstrations of traditional rural arts and crafts, from sewing, spinning, lace- and felt-making to turning, wainwrighting (wagon repair), pottery-making, broom- and brush-making, basket-weaving, candy-making, and sheep-shearing. Your children will be impressed by the petting zoo with animals to get to know, look at and touch. They will also have the possibility of becoming creative themselves while sipping delicious juices and munching corn on the cob. On this weekend, the Maximilianstrasse will also revive its significance as a historic marketplace of the Middle Ages. All of the sponsors of the Farmers’ Market bid you hearty welcome and hope that you will immerse yourself in their lush, colorful and sensuous market.

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