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Car-free Lauter Valley | Kaiserslautern

Car-free Lauter Valley

The theme event “Car-free Lauter Valley” will hand the road B 270 completely over to bicycles. On a stretch of 30 kilometers, from Lauterecken to Kaiserslautern, you can go along the Lauter river by bike, inline skates or roller skates or anything else with wheels but no engine. Many local clubs and institutions as well as the communities work together to attract thousands of visitors to the event every year. The program offered along the route will range from original Palatine and exotic cooking to art and music. At the train stations of the Lauter valley communities you can take your bike on the train to shorten the trip at your will. The “Car-free Lauter valley” is easily reached by train, car or bike.

Information at the tourist office of the Kaiserslautern County Administration, phone 0049 631 / 7105-328 or -228

You can reach us at:

Touristikbüro Landkreis Kaiserslautern
Fruchthallstraße 14
67655 Kaiserslautern

phone(0049) 631 7105291


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