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Kaisertafel | Speyer

When the city celebrated its anniversary (“Speyer after 2000 years”) in 1990, the Hotel and Restaurant Association with its partner organizations sponsored the first „Emperor’s Table“. What was initially intended as a contribution to the anniversary celebration, soon developed into an institution and dropping it as a cultural happening for the city of Speyer is now out of the question. The origin of the Emperor’s Table reflects the history of the Salian-Staufen Palatinate. It dates back to the imperial storehouses of the Staufen emperor, Conrad the Third (middle of the 12th century), when over 100 warriors in imperial pay had to be fed “by decree”.


Several thousand people visit the Emperor’s Table annually. Under the motto, “the art of cooking, wine culture, and Speyer’s way of life”, participants take their place at the long tablecloth-covered table with a view toward the cathedral in one direction and the old city gate in the other. In this unique historic setting, they then enjoy the very best that kitchen and wine cellar have to offer.

You can reach us at:

Maximilianstraße 13
67346 Speyer

phone(0049) 6232 142392

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