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Please note: this event is expired!

Die kleine Weinbergswanderung | Bad Kreuznach

A Little walk through the vineyards

A stroll through the “Bosenberg” vineyards where you will learn everything you need to know in order to become a wine grower yourself! WHEN and WHERE does the work begin, what role does nature play? And ofcourse, Nahe wine goes with you all the way!


Meeting place: Weingut Espenschied, Bosenheim, Aussiedlungsbereich, through Mönchstraße

Cost: 9 €/person, incl. refreshment

Registration: Dagmar Espenschied,, Tel.: 0671-74077

Comments: walking shoes and outdoor wear

You can reach us at:

Weingut Espenschied
55545 Bosenheim



Mi18:00–21:00 Uhr
Weinberg (Quelle: Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH)
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